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In today's society, people are living life faster than ever. From increased work loads to family responsibilities, they are running at 100 mph just to keep up.

If you own a business and want to connect with them, you literally have seconds to capture their attention.

Social Media, compelling graphic design, and web videos are what we focus on because we believe they are an excellent place to connect with your customers and prospects! 


Smith Advertising provides these services to assist you in growing your business! 

What We Do

Social Media Account Management

If you are unable to keep up with posting daily to your social media accounts, we can assist you!

Contact us with your needs!

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Paid Ad Campaigns on the Social Networks

The best way to reach your EXACT prospects is to run paid targeted ads on the Social Media Networks. We set them up, and report results to you!

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Wed Video

Web Videos are one of the fastest growing segments in social media. We specialize in filming short web videos for businesses! 

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